Raul Nevarez, P.C.- Attorney/Abogado 

 Raul Nevarez has been a Trial Lawyer representing and defending clients in the Tarrant and Parker County, and Surrounding Counties, since 1993. 

He has been representing clients in various cases, involving allegations in:

*Sex Assaults
*Assaults and Family Violence Assaults
*Driver's License Violations
*Murders -Aggravated Assaults
*Animal Abuse
*Divorces and Child Support
*Child Protective Services Defense
*Gun - Weapons
* As well as Federal & State Civil cases

The Government can charge you with a case, and Make you feel Guilty.  But, that doesn't mean you are Guilty! We also fight for your Family rights.

Everyone deserves a knowledgeable Lawyer to fight and defend them.  We know the laws, and we use them FOR YOU!! You can afford, and deserve a top Attorney at a fair price.  That is why we will work with you on a payment plan.
Primary Office Location: Weatherford, Texas
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