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How do I bail someone out of jail?
        If your case is in Parker County, our Firm may post an Attorney Bond for a detained person, with the cost depending on a percentage amount of the bond set by a Magistrate/Judge.
      Regardless of the County, if the detained individual does not have a Bond amount set, you will have to retain an attorney to file a Motion to Set Bond, particularly in a Probation Revocation.
      You may need to hire a local Bondsman to Post a Surety Bond.

What if I want to make, or have made, a bail in Cash?
     You my make a "Cash Deposit" for the entire Bond amount set for the individual. That would require depositing the entire amount of bond in cash, which can be returned - minus some minimal court costs - assuming all conditions of bond are met. 
An additional advantage would be that our firm accepts "Cash Bond" assignments: meaning, you could apply the amount returned from this type of bond towards part or all of the attorney's fees required in representing the individual.

 What If i can't afford to pay attorney fees up front?       
      We understand the financial difficulties to retain legal representation. That's why we offer flexible payment plans with reasonably low retainer fees. The only requirement is to have the balance paid in full prior to the disposition of your case.

 What methods of payments do you accept?
      We accept all forms of credit cards- Discover, American Express, Visa, and Mastercard. We also accept cash, money orders, cashier's checks, personal checks, and assignment of "cash bond".

 Why do I need an Attorney?
       You are entitled to know and understand your rights. Having full legal representation is an investment. The outcome of your case may affect the rest of your life. So don't take a gamble on your freedom and life, please contact our office so we may explain what options are available to you. If you're unable to call, take a moment to fill out the questionnaire so we may contact you upon receipt.

Should I talk to the Police and/or give a Statement?
     Nobody should talk to the Police without the presence and advice of an attorney. If the Police are investigating a possible crime, and they are considering you a suspect -regardless of whether you are innocent or guilty - anything you say not only can be used against you, but most of the time WILL be used against you. Remember, the Police are not investigating a possible crime to find someone INNOCENT! What you say may be taken in a negative light, and could implicate you in a crime in which you had nothing to do with.

How do I get a Juvenile child out of detention? 
      Bond cannot be made for a child in custody. However, a detention hearing, requesting a release of that child is required by law. A Judge, upon hearing of the facts, decides whether a child will be released pending a Court hearing, or if said child will be detained until the hearing.


What if I'm in an accident?
      Please seek immediate medical attention. It is important to your health and welfare, and will serve to document any injuries and damages you may have suffered.

Should I make a statement?
      You need to consider that how you state something is as important as what you say. You should seek the advice of an attorney so that your interest is protected immediately.


Can I get custody of my children?
      The courts decide who gets the children based on a "best interest of the child." So, depending on your circumstances, you may be entitled to custody of your children.

How much child support will I get, if any?
      Whether or not you receive child support, as well as the amount, is fact specific. Therefore, you must discuss all relevant facts surrounding your case. There is rarely an easily defined answer in these situations.

I was told by my spouse that everything was in their name, and I was not entitled to anything, and he or she would get everything. Do I have aright to any of our property?
      Therefore, many factors involved, including how and when property and/or interest in property or funds was acquired. Whose name is listed as "owner" does not necessarily control ownership, including homes and vehicles.

What about Temporary Orders?
       If an agreement cannot be reached by the parties as to temporary usage of property, and custody of children, then a Court Hearing must be held for a Judge to decide what would be a fair temporary use of property and custody of children, if any.

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